What is Church For?

Church is our human response to God's action.  We perceive that God is both beyond us and for us.  We recognize this in Christ, who was divine and yet cared for the lost and the least.  This is God's Story.
We come to understand God's story through study of scripture and through reflecting on God's action in our own lives, in our stories.
We respond to the understanding that God is both beyond us and for us in worship, as we bring both joy and pain before the Lord.  We come to worship in the hope to be changed into the women and men God wants us to be.
In our church family, we encourage each other in this process of change.  We share our stories and our understanding of how our stories are part of God's story.
When we let ourselves be changed in response to God's story, we find ourselves broken open to the hurts of this world.  We are turned outward to the community, with a deep desire to serve the hungry, the lost, the lonely, the suffering.  As a church, we work together to serve as Christ directed.  
We express this understanding in our statement of purpose:  "Sharing our journey with God in words and deeds."  We invite you to share this journey with us.                                                                                                                    

Call to Worship

Everybody who is thirsty, come to the waters!

It's OK! Truly there's enough for everyone! Nobody needs to be thirsty. Nobody needs to be without clean water!

And anyone who has no money--it's OK, come anyway! There's food for everyone at the table.

To everybody old and young, rich and poor, tall and short come to the sanctuary to be fed.

"O taste and see that the Lord is good," and filling and fattening for the soul.

We find ourselves moved to courage and--coming to worship--find ourselves bound together in God's love.

[from our February 15, 2015 worship bulletin]