What does it mean to be a member?

To be a member is to commit to live your own journey of discipleship alongside the women and men of our congregation as we seek to participate in Jesus’ mission in the world.


What do you have to believe to become a member?

1.         Jesus is Lord and Savior, which means Jesus’ authority preempts everyone else’s and he uses that authority to save us and heal creation.

2.         Evil is a bad thing best avoided (okay this is an easy one)

3.         That you are seeking to be a follower of Jesus (remember this is always a work in progress)


How do you become a member?

Ask the pastor.  Generally we have prospective member classes four times each year.  Members are formally received by our session (church council) and then recognized in worship.


Does your church get involved in politics?

Jesus seemed to have distinct opinions in favor of the poor, the outcast, the socially marginalized, and people trying to make peace.  We support the causes Jesus favored.  But we do not get involved in partisan politics and never endorse candidates.  You will find liberals and conservatives in our congregation livingly happily alongside each other.  Our own branch of Christianity, the Reformed family of faith, believes that every person should be involved in public affairs, but how you do that is between you and God.


Where does the Presbyterian Church come from?

The Presbyterian Church is the North American descendant of The Church of Scotland, which dates to the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in the Sixteenth Century.  Presbyterian Churches were planted wherever Scottish or Scotch-Irish settlers moved.  Click here for more information about the Presbyterian Church (USA).


What about the whole predestination thing?  I don’t think I like that.

Oh that.  Not much to say about it.  If God is all-powerful and all-knowing then, by definition, whatever God wants God gets.  But it is well above our pay grade.  So, we just leave it at this, whatever God wants to happen will happen.  Beyond that you’re likely to give yourself a metaphysical headache.


What is communion?

Communion (aka Lord’s Supper or Eucharist) is a ritual that we share with most other Christians.  It involves prayer, the reading of scripture, and eating a little bit of bread and grape juice (or wine) as a way of remembering Jesus final meal and lesson with his disciples.  It is both a memorial to what Jesus did and an object lesson of who God is for us. We believe that when we do it together we connect with God by and through the Holy Spirit. 


Who can receive communion?

All baptized Christians.  You don’t need to be Presbyterian.  It’s not like we copyrighted it.  The meal belongs to all Christians. 


Okay then, what is baptism?

Baptism is an initiation ceremony in which a person becomes a part of the covenant community of God’s people.  For Christians this replaces circumcision (whew!).  We also understand that it is a way of symbolically dying (drowning) and rising with Christ.


Why do you baptize babies if they don’t understand baptism?

If you waited until we understood baptism then none of us would ever be baptized.  Since God’s choice is way out of our league to begin with, we baptize babies to emphasize that it is God choosing us that is important not us choosing God.


Why does your church face East?

Actually, we face towards Jerusalem.  We expect good things from that direction someday.