Map and Directions

Westminster is located at 990 Old Springfield Pike, in Xenia, Ohio.  

Worship Time 

Worship is Sunday at 10:15 a.m.  The service lasts about an hour. 


General Parking

General parking is behind the church (follow the right hand driveway).  Take the sidewalk to the back door, where someone will greet you.

Handicapped Accessible Parking

Handicapped accessible parking is provided in the side lot (follow the left hand driveway).  Enter by the door marked “OFFICE” and proceed straight ahead to find the elevator; press the middle button and then turn right when you exit the elevator. 


Who is welcome to worship here?   


What do you need to believe to worship here?   

You only need to be looking for something to believe.  Certainty about the fact that you are not God is a good start.

Is it okay if I just drop by and not become a member?  

Of course, you are always welcome.  We have many long-term members of our community who are not officially members of our church.  Each person's prayers, meditations, and songs come together to create our shared worship.

What should I wear? 

There is no dress code; some people dress up (suit and tie), but many people dress more casually (nice t-shirt).  Like McDonalds, we do appreciate shirts, shoes, and something on your legs.

What happens during worship?

At the front door you will find printed orders of worship ("bulletins") that will explain what is going on. Sit wherever you wish.  The hymns and prayers are listed in the bulletin.  You are invited to stand for the parts marked with an asterisk.  During the responsive prayers, the congregation reads the bold text.

At one point in the service, everyone is invited to greet their neighbors with the “passing of the peace”:  We shake hands and say “Peace of Christ”.

After the sermon, we pass the offering plates.  This is a strictly voluntary opportunity for anyone who would like to make a donation to support the work of the church.  Offering envelopes are available in the pews. 


Children are welcome in worship.  In the coat rack area there are Bible Fun Bags with activities for the children to use during worship. 

For babies and younger children, we provide a nursery under the care of our staff person, Nancy Jean Williams.  The nursery is on the lower level, near the elevator. 


Communion (bread and grape juice) is served on the first Sunday of each month, and on special days like Easter and Christmas Eve.  We celebrate an open communion, which means that everyone who puts her or his faith in Jesus as Messiah is invited and welcome to share with us.  You don’t have to be a member of our church; you don’t have to be Presbyterian.  Children are invited to share in communion when their parents feel they are ready for it. 

If it is a communion Sunday, there will be a separate page in your bulletin with the communion prayers.  We use two methods to celebrate communion.  If we are passing trays, you will be passed a tray from which you may take a small piece of bread; hold onto it until all have been served.  Then you will be passed a tray with small cups of grape juice; hold onto the cup, or put it in the cup holder in front of you, until all have been served. 

If we are not passing trays, but serving “by intinction”, we invite each row of people to come forward to take a piece of bread from the loaf and dip it in the cup of grape juice.  We also have people watching for anyone who can’t come forward, and offer the loaf and cup to them in the pews.

Getting to know us better

When you visit, please fill out your name and contact information in one of  the red notebooks found in the pews. 

You are also invited upstairs for coffee hour, which involves coffee, cookies or much more, and lots of friendly conversation.  We would love to meet you.  

If you think Westminster might become your church home, please check out the information on the Membership page